Divorce and dentistry: Why is rate of divorce high among dentists, and how can they avoid it?

Dentists have the unfortunate reputation of having a higher divorce rate than the rest of the population. Turns out that isn’t true. However, there are several factors that might lead to divorce in the profession. Here are some suggestions to help avoid becoming...
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4 Credit Card Tips to Make Business Travel Easier

With the economy roaring back to life and airline ticket prices falling, many businesses are sending their employees back on the road in order to connect with clients and co-workers. If you too are navigating the friendly skies with more frequency than before, you may...
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Beware of the Grandparents Scam

It’s an all-too-common crime that can result in a loss of thousands of dollars Don’t let this happen to you or a loved one: An urgent email, or a call in the dead of night, from a “grandchild” who is suddenly in trouble. He or she has been arrested or hurt in an...
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Golf Tips: How to stay calm in a pressure situation

How many of you out there have let a great round slip away because the pressure gets to you at the worst possible moment? We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter who you are. For some of us, the meltdown might be this: You know you’re playing great....
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Big rebound: 287,000 jobs added in June

The U.S. added 287,000 new jobs in June, according to the Labor Department report released Friday. It’s a massive rebound from May when the U.S. added a mere 11,000 jobs. Unemployment rose slightly in June to 4.9% (up from 4.7% in May). That’s actually a...
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As trusted advisors, we help our clients get from where they are to where they want to be, we assist in defining goals now so they align with their plans later.

Clients will feel a greater sense of confidence and clarity because we will assure our objectivity on their behalf, even if they only have a simple need.


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When “financial planning” is mentioned, most people think of investments only. At SDP, your Investments are a part of your financial plan, but we also consider your real estate holdings, business or medical practice, and how those impact your investment plan.

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Legal documents, beneficiary designations, emergency funds, insurance, stable investments…all work together to create your risk management plan. At SDP, we help our clients feel confident and knowledgeable about their risks.

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At SDP, your Financial Plan is a stand-alone entity. A written plan with a course to chart directions in a variety of circumstances. Goals are defined. Steps are chosen. Action is taken. Your financial plan dictates needs, and helps you make good decisions.