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Elder Abuse: The Elephant in the Room

A growing problem in the United States is what is called “elder abuse”.  It occurs in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and especially in the safety of home.  It is not always intentional, but it often is.  Elder abuse can be neglect or it can be conscious...
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I’m facing a divorce. What do I do now?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Will Parrish and his team at Slate, Disharoon, Parrish & Associates, LLC are NOT attorneys and do not provide legal advice. Facing a divorce is generally a very emotional and traumatic life change. There is a lot you need to do depending on where...
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Does a teacher NEED a financial plan?

“I don’t make that much money.” “I have the TCRS.” “I don’t lead an extravagant life.” All are things the SDP Team has heard, and all are reasons that teachers and education administrators NEED a financial plan! If a person has limited resources to work with, then...
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How Men And Women Think Differently About Money

Men and women approach financial planning differently, but there’s success in their balance. By Janet Bodnar, From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Read more at...
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As trusted advisors, we help our clients get from where they are to where they want to be, we assist in defining goals now so they align with their plans later.

Clients will feel a greater sense of confidence and clarity because we will assure our objectivity on their behalf, even if they only have a simple need.


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Financial Education

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When “financial planning” is mentioned, most people think of investments only. At SDP, your Investments are a part of your financial plan, but we also consider your real estate holdings, business or medical practice, and how those impact your investment plan.

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Legal documents, beneficiary designations, emergency funds, insurance, stable investments…all work together to create your risk management plan. At SDP, we help our clients feel confident and knowledgeable about their risks.

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At SDP, your Financial Plan is a stand-alone entity. A written plan with a course to chart directions in a variety of circumstances. Goals are defined. Steps are chosen. Action is taken. Your financial plan dictates needs, and helps you make good decisions.