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The team at SDP brings a collaborative approach to financial planning. We help people stay focused on what they do well, and appreciate professional guidance for areas outside their expertise.


Identifies goals, prioritizes actions and provides accountability allowing our “client family” to feel more confident and in control.

Is the Fiduciary Standard a Plus for Investors?

Will it make a difference in the quality of the advice they receive? In 2017, the Department of Labor is scheduled to introduce new rules regarding...
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Your diagnosis is not good…” 5 things dentists should do when diagnosed with a disability

Your diagnosis is not good…” 5 things dentists should do when diagnosed with a disability No dentist wants to face a disability. But should the...
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Moving Into a Nursing Home Facility

What you and your loved ones need to know. At some point, someone you love may make the transition from living at home to residing at an...
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Mind Over Money

Emotion often drives our financial decisions, even when logic should. When we go to the grocery store, we seldom shop on logic alone. We may not...
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Planning Your Financial Future in Uncertain Times

It’s easy to feel elated by rising markets or discouraged by a sudden drop in prices. But what about erratic peaks and valleys? Rising waters may...
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Collaborate With Our Team

We’ll get to know you; Your goals and dreams. We hear you. We will understand your needs and discover your values. With a combined total of over 70 years in financial planning, a diverse background and a wealth of life experiences, we have the tools and knowledge base to help you reach your goals.

Organize Your Finances

Get It All Organized

You’ll know where you are, where everything is, and what it is worth. Using technology, you’ll get organized. Using our intellectual capital and experience you’ll know how everything impacts your big picture. Know where your money is at all times and what it’s doing to help you build your nest egg.

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Move Forward With Confidence

With a complete picture of “you” you’ll experience a deep satisfaction with more timely accomplishment of your goals. Our team will provide accountability to stick to your timeline and achieve the outcomes YOU want. All with a global view in mind.