The workweek is about to get one day shorter for employees at Elephant Ventures.

The software and data engineering company is testing out a compressed four-day workweek starting this week. Employees will have 10-hour days, Monday through Thursday.
“Fridays we are off and we are trying to encourage pencils down, no emails or Slack. We want to really hold the time open,” said President and Founder Art Shectman.
A condensed four-day workweek isn’t a new concept. Companies sometimes implement them as a way to attract talent and increase productivity.New Zealand’s prime minister recently raised the idea of adopting a four-day workweek to offer workers more flexibility and help the country’s pandemic-hit economy.
Shectman said he started to notice some of his employees — particularly working parents — were struggling with work-life balance. Morale was also taking a hit.
“Morale across the board was suffering because of the loss of our very strong team and in-office culture,” he said.